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Two old gentlemen

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was drinking in a pup one nite as i was at the bar i noticed two old gentlemen smiling at me its always been my fantasy to get fucked by two dirty old men
so we got chating pint after pint went down one ov the men said to me do yu fansey coming back to my plaice for...more>>

My story

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I am Naveen Varma resident of one of the district head quarters in Andra pradesh.I am aged about 50 plus doing business.Once when I was going to Hyderabad in a train I met with one aged person by name Satyam resident of Kavali who is traveling along with me in front ...more>>

Dad and Mom Get Spanked

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This real story, you will not belive.Hello my name is Zoë. I am 20 year beautiful girl and I do exersize daily so I have good body shape,like to wear very tight jeans.My parents were (looking back) actually pretty cool although Mother tended to be very intrusive. It’...more>>

Cheerleader Spanked

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I was a member of our college’s football cheerleading squad and proudly ware the short, pleated purple and gold shirt and was lucky, because at the age of 18, I well-advanced beyond my fellow female classmates and had full, firm breast to fill the sweaters we were gi...more>>

Handcuff My Desire

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One of the things I’d never have equated with my wife Linda was kinkiness. Our sex life wasn’t boring and choreographed as other relationships I’d known about were. It seemed like we did just enough to turn each other on and keep it going but other than our honeymoon...more>>

College Gangbang Fantasy

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I walked into the house a little after 8, that’s what Jack, my boyfriend had asked me to do. He had said he has a little surprise for me. HE always had a spare key to my room so I assumed he would use that to if he needed. The living room light was on and I walked in...more>>

Welcome Home

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Andrea waited at the gate. It had been weeks since she had seen her lover and she was not handling it well. She felt like her pussy was on fire constantly, a deep burning fire from being so horny, the bed post looked sexy late at night. She needed to feel his touch a...more>>

Party in the Castle

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Once every month my husband and I would meet up with some of his friends for a social gathering in a big chateau in the country side. The opportunity came about six months ago when we caught up with one of his banker friends Bill for dinner. Bill mentioned that he ha...more>>

Road Love

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My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years, and one of our favorite hobbies is fucking. When we where younger and didn’t live together, we where forced to “sneak” around. So one night we went for a drive. As we are driving down the road I lay down acros...more>>

Adventures In Gardening

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My husband and I have always been very proud of our house and yard. Since we were married 7 years ago and moved in here we have always maintained a impressive flower garden that is the envy of all the neighbors through lots of shared hard work. It is something we enj...more>>

A Gentle Rain

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Rob and Sherri walked along through the woods and marveled at nature. The day was over cast so the hiking trails were nearly empty. They had not seen another hiker for about an hour and they had walked into a less popular area of the park, the clay flats and foot hil...more>>

The Great Outdoors, Part 2

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In The Great Outdoors, Part 1, I detailed how my wife and I broke thru our marriage rut on a camping trip by fucking like savages outdoors. I remembered how hot she was by the sexy little outfit she wore. I couldn’t take any more so I stripped her down and pounded he...more>>

The Great Outdoors, Part 1

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My wife and I had talked about going camping to a well known spot up North before but we just never had the time with our hectic schedules. It was important to get away because it felt like we were losing touch with each other in our marriage. The weekdays were no go...more>>

Tee Box Tryst

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While I’d never thought of fucking on a golf course before, last weekend changed all that thanks to a smokin’ hot blonde named Annie. I was paired with my boy Steve, while his girlfriend Tina was paired with her friend Annie, whom I’d never met before. Annie was this...more>>

My Night With Jenny

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My one night with Jenny was a night I never thought would happen.
We had met in an internet chat room and hit it off pretty good as friends. However the problem was that she lived on the west coast and I lived on the east coast.

We talked about music, life, the r...more>>