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Star Power

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A singer, Rob couldn’t believe they’d picked a singer to co-star with him. Hell, his last picture had been nearly dragged down by a no-talent pretty girl, flavor-of-the-month blond. The director had just barely saved the thing by pumping in more of Rob’s action work ...more>>

Drive-in Jammin

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I’d never been friendly with a black girl before but Tamara was different, not only different from any black girl I’d ever met but different from any white girl, as well. Some of it might have been that she grew up in Jamaica and had a lilting British/Caribbean accen...more>>

Voodoo Queen

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Mark walked through the madness of Bourbon Street Saturday night sober. He’d been trying for a week to get an interview with Queen Etonne for his New Orleans voodoo piece. Tonight his phone had rung, her rich Creole voice asked him to arrive at her shop at 11:30PM. H...more>>

Natural Rythm

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Brodie couldn’t dance worth a lick. Most people found this strange. Brodie had been playing in bands since he was sixteen and was one of the best drummers in town. The man knew how to keep a beat when he was behind his trap set but couldn’t make his body move to it w...more>>

For Tribal Honor

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I had killed the lioness. Though I usually do my shooting with a movie camera, I’m also pretty good with a rifle. Africa is a long way from the ranch in Wyoming that I grew up on but I’ve found that a lot of my childhood skills come in handy now that I’m making wildl...more>>

My Falasha Love

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My name is Etan. My mother used to say that it meant “firm and strong”. Now she tells me that it must mean “stubborn”. She was very upset when I married Chara but I believe she would have attended the wedding had my father not been so opposed. I sometimes do not unde...more>>

Just Hitting It

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There’s something about a black man that just really turns me on. I’m a petite blonde girl, big blue eyes and long hair, but to me, a black man is the finest piece of guy out there.

I had this one guy who was really tall, about 6’6”. He had really short hair, no...more>>

Chocolate Lovin

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Bill sat at the security desk and passed the evening watching the customer service representatives leave for the day. Of the 200 women that worked there, few had escaped his sex fantasies. At 7:30 everyone was gone. He read the newspaper until 8:15 when the phone ...more>>

Blues Woman

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All right, let me give you a little background. It all started when my girlfriend of three years left me for my best friend. A week later I lost my job. That part really wouldn’t have bothered me if Jenny hadn’t left. But it was really the straw that broke the ca...more>>

A Taste of White Meat

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Goes without saying that I ain’t using my man’s real name, trashy ass sportswriters would have themselves too much fun dragging his black ass over the coals for some of what I got to say and he don’t need the humiliation of the rest of what I got to say. I’m just gon...more>>

The Doorbell Rang

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Ding-dong. “Who in the world could that be this early in the morning?” Judy thought as she moved to the door. Judy’s husband had left for work about a half-hour ago and the kids had gotten on the school bus just moments before. Maybe one of them had forgotten somethi...more>>

Our Fantasy Answered

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My name is Diane. I want to share something that happened to me when my husband and I ventured into an interracial experience. I am not one of the beautiful people that are in many stories here. I am just an average looking mother and housewife. I am 50 years old and...more>>

The Three meet for fun!!!

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My body wobbled a little. Suddenly Rob dropped to his knees and started to lick at my pussy from the front. It was unreal. I had never known anything like it. The woman took her hand away so Rob’s tongue could lick at my clit. It was getting difficult to stand. I had...more>>

That One Night in Vegas

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That One Night in Vegas

By Brindle Chase

It’s amazing what a little anonymity can stir up. I like to think everyone has one of those moments we excuse as college experimenting. Most of them don’t actually happen during college, but we all have one. Don’t we?


My Wife’s First Gangbang

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When my wife was 19, we decided to have a new yrs party at our duplex and invite a few close friends. my wife(girlfriend at the time) had heard her first boyfriend from high school was in town and she thought it would be nice to see him again. she also invited 2 othe...more>>