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Driver’s Seat Swallow

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My girlfriend Brooke has always had a wild streak in her. Not destructively wild, just playfully wild. From the first time we had sex, in a public bathroom, I knew she wasn’t down for anything bland, vanilla or ordinary when it came to eroticism. She said her parents...more>>

Free Taxi Fare

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Tessa and I had been at the bar all night and had way too much to drink so they called us a taxi. After about thirty minutes and another drink later the taxi arrived and she and I piled into the back seat. “Where you two ladies headed?” “Home.” “Uhhh where exactly is...more>>

Skin Flicks

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About two weeks ago a new secretary began working in our office, and from the second I laid eyes on her I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I’d tasted her soft, sweet juices. Terri’s hair fell all the way down to her sumptuous breasts, and her moist lips always see...more>>

At The Movies

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One night, my date and I went to see a show at the local theater. Apparently, due to being a late show, during the middle of the week, there weren’t many people in the room. We sat in the back, as usual, to get the view of the picture and of the others that were wat...more>>

The Audition

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Why did my blind date want me to meet him at Camelot? 18th and M? He said lunch, but that’s a GO-GO place. They serve food, too? He said not to be late, or I’d miss the show. Oh, well. Here it is. Hmmmmmm. Nice neighborhood. Nice place.

The sign says auditions! Oh...more>>

Herman’s Revenge

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Unlike most of life, in the case of Clarissa and Alex’s tryst in his office, reality proved better than fantasy. Practicality, however, suggested that crashing almost an entire lab of computers (the PC’s were unscathed) was not the best course of action to reach sexu...more>>

In The Red

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Look, I said I wasn’t drunk, okay? I know what I saw on Halloween night. And what I felt. I remember the incredible sensation of having my pussy and asshole stretched to their absolute limits. Honest to God – although maybe that’s a poor choice of words, considering ...more>>

Masturbation 101

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My name is Susan. I’m a senior at a major university. I’ve been seeing my boyfriend Jerry for several years and we have been having sex for almost as long. Recently Jerry has been talking about marrying me after college. I’m not so certain. I’m not certain if I’m in ...more>>


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I set my keys down on the kitchen counter and made for the fridge. As I reached for a soda I thought I heard giggling. “God what are they up to now?” I thought. I could see the light coming from underneath the door of Missy’s room. “Prolly watching a porn film or som...more>>

The Private Workout

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Freshman must know their place. Man, I heard that shit, everyday in every way. Once I started to get some minutes and some touches Dawson ends up in my face. I don’t need this crap from anyone. First round NBA material, my shiny butt. I’ve got a better jump shot and ...more>>

At The Laundromat

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Mark dumped the laundry on top of the washer and closed the community laundry room door while Kimberly fished in her shorts for the quarters. He watched as her soft sweat shorts bobbed around, displaying her tight thighs and ass beneath. He knew she was out of pantie...more>>

Dormroom Dreams

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Biology was so boring, if were’nt for the sights to bee seen in class I probably never would have gone. It was a big class, 200-250 students, which meant that there was always someone to stare at for the 60 minutes. I usually picked out one girl, who was wearing some...more>>

Just One More Night

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Just one more night,” she begged him.

He stood in the doorway, looked at her tear-streaked face with a certain amount of disdain. He knew he was about finished with her. She didn’t know that yet, evidently. Too bad.

“Come on, Brad. I can’t… I can’t believe that...more>>

Day and Night

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I was sitting there reading over my biology notes when I saw him enter the lounge. It’s hard not to miss him. He’s flat out gorgeous, 6’0”, muscular, blonde hair, blue eyes and a great smile. He’s the dreamiest white guy I’ve ever seen. But I never pursued anything s...more>>

A Pleasant Suprise

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I have always known that my wife was wild in bed but what I didn’t know was exactly how wild it could get! now my wife is absolutely stunning, she has brown skin, long brown hair, amazing tits and a perfectly round ass! so you can see I am a very happy man… she has a...more>>