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College Gangbang Fantasy

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I walked into the house a little after 8, that’s what Jack, my boyfriend had asked me to do. He had said he has a little surprise for me. HE always had a spare key to my room so I assumed he would use that to if he needed. The living room light was on and I walked in...more>>

The Great Outdoors, Part 1

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My wife and I had talked about going camping to a well known spot up North before but we just never had the time with our hectic schedules. It was important to get away because it felt like we were losing touch with each other in our marriage. The weekdays were no go...more>>

A Bermuda High

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It had been a long winter and she was growing tired of the cold. She was trying hard not to be pissed at her husband for moving her to the north. Today was a particularly bad day with temps only getting into the 20’s. She came home from work that Wednesday and he was...more>>

The Hispanic Realtor

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Hot and sweaty from yard work, Ralph answered the phone on the fifth ring. His realtor, Midge, said that she had a hot property for him to look at, if he could do it today. The timing was bad. She was leaving town, and then he was leaving town. Ralph was afraid he wo...more>>

Drive-in Jammin

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I’d never been friendly with a black girl before but Tamara was different, not only different from any black girl I’d ever met but different from any white girl, as well. Some of it might have been that she grew up in Jamaica and had a lilting British/Caribbean accen...more>>

Carnal Car Show

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My girlfriend Cindy and I love to try new things sexually. We have a huge amount of trust built up in our relationship so we each know what lines to cross and not cross. I didn’t think anything of her desire to park out in the sizable lot that accompanies softball an...more>>

In The Red

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Look, I said I wasn’t drunk, okay? I know what I saw on Halloween night. And what I felt. I remember the incredible sensation of having my pussy and asshole stretched to their absolute limits. Honest to God – although maybe that’s a poor choice of words, considering ...more>>

Jake Fucks Sams Girl

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Jake stretched his legs out in front of him, aware that the bulge between his legs was clearly visible to the woman sitting on the sofa facing him. They were both pretending to watch TV, but Jake knew that she was watching the growing bulge in his pants. As for him, ...more>>

Your Birthday Threesome

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You pulled against your bonds, but they held you tight. You knew they would, you wanted them too, but the game must be played out to it’s fullest. The saran wrap circled your body holding you motionless, the only skin free was your breasts and a small hole just below...more>>


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The temperature was at least 100 degrees that day and everyone was hot. Jane was especially hot because she was dressed in a blouse, skirt, and stockings. She carried a leather brief case and headed for work. She lived alone and slept alone. When I say alone, I mean ...more>>

Sealing the deal, Part II

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Promptly at 9A the next morning, Jessie knocked on the door. Philip opened it immediately and led her to the bathroom where she quickly removed her jacket, blouse, and skirt. Philip eyed her approvingly. “You are quite stunning, Jessie. Your auburn hair and your ...more>>

Worshipping Rachel’s Ass

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I had just returned home when the telephone rang. It was Rachel and she sounded quite stern.

We had once worked together at a nightclub. She was a pretty and very popular young bartender and I was the burly bouncer. Despite our twenty years age difference her and ...more>>

Pearl Of The Orient

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She was beautiful. That was the first thing he noticed. The long black hair hanging down like strands of liquid silk, flowing, shimmering in the light, almost alive in it’s beauty. The alabaster skin setting off the dark hair like a frame, the innocence in that face ...more>>

Buying Time

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It’s a hundred dollars to use the sex machine in the public restroom. Insert a couple of fifty-dollar coins into the payment slot to remain anonymous, though of course it’s more convenient to just let the data terminal do a neural scan and auto-debit your account.


An Evening At The Union

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Newcastle University was great, away from home, meeting new people and being able to do what I wanted without having to justify everything in front of my parents. I enrolled in Business Management and enjoyed both my fellow students and the course.

Apart from stud...more>>