Bondage sex stories

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College Gangbang Fantasy

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I walked into the house a little after 8, that’s what Jack, my boyfriend had asked me to do. He had said he has a little surprise for me. HE always had a spare key to my room so I assumed he would use that to if he needed. The living room light was on and I walked in...more>>

Alyssa Part III

Viewed: 1883
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On the heels of Alyssa’s erotic explosion before our food arrived, we sat and had a peaceful relaxing dinner where I was true to my word. I fed her and gave her wine to drink while our waiter acted as if he couldn’t believe what he was watching. My submissive hottie ...more>>

Alyssa Part II

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The day after my second date with Alyssa I was supremely thrilled about all the possibilities in fulfilling both our fantasies. There were numerous scenarios floating in my head with one just as good as the other. I called Ally at work and laid out the evening. “Are ...more>>

Alyssa Part 1

Viewed: 1991
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I am crazy about Alyssa. I met her through one of the popular dating sites and at first had no clue she was a submissive. She was definitely laid back and totally unassuming. Some might even call her shy so that should’ve been the first sign. I was instantly attracte...more>>

Your Birthday Threesome

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You pulled against your bonds, but they held you tight. You knew they would, you wanted them too, but the game must be played out to it’s fullest. The saran wrap circled your body holding you motionless, the only skin free was your breasts and a small hole just below...more>>

Pearl in Dildoland

Viewed: 1695
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Pearl wriggled her bare bottom uncomfortably on the hard wooden bench as it rocked and jolted beneath her. Chained by the ankles to the base of the bench, and by the wrists to a wooden rail in front of her; dampened by her own sweat, as well as by the splashes of wat...more>>

A Matter Of Trust

Viewed: 1937
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He held her hand as they entered the small confines. Their fingers entwined as they rode the empty elevator up to the room. His eyes were on the door as she watched the numbers climb. No words were spoken. No words were needed. She took a quick glance at his face and...more>>

Bicycle Repairs

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It was the summer of 1989 and I was working down at the beach in a bicycle repair shop. On the other side of the shop was a small office with a table that was used as a rental shop. Around 5pm, two great looking girls came in a wanted to rent bikes for the week. I im...more>>

The Professor

Viewed: 1891
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On a cold December afternoon Beth sat at the back of her English lecture, flicking between attempting to take down notes and checking her blackberry for texts.. University wasn’t exciting to her.
“Shakespeare, what a pile of shit” she muttered under her breathe
As ...more>>