Latina sex stories

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Lusty Busty Latina

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For most of my life, I’ve gone after blondes. Up to this point my two serious relationships were with them. Even though, I’m Latino and there have always been Latina hotties in my neighborhood, in my city, and in my workplace; funny how things work that way. This was...more>>

The Hispanic Realtor

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Hot and sweaty from yard work, Ralph answered the phone on the fifth ring. His realtor, Midge, said that she had a hot property for him to look at, if he could do it today. The timing was bad. She was leaving town, and then he was leaving town. Ralph was afraid he wo...more>>

Habanera and Honey

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Maria had tried to see her father’s lawyer at his office but the waiting room of the Legal Aid office was always teeming with people. Finally, she used some connections in the Mexican community to get his home address. She was surprised that he lived in a scruffy apa...more>>