Lesbian sex stories

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Grinding In The Sand

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I lay there on the beach soaking up the sun. The day just couldn’t get any better. I was thousands of miles from work, rush hour traffic, anyone I knew and I didn’t have a damned thing planned. As I watched the waves roll in and back out again I began to think about ...more>>

Easy Going

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She sat across from me in our little cabin staring out the window, watching the countryside fly by. How could she look so peaceful and not be worried about anything? I absolutely hated to take the train. It didn’t help that there was a crash last week. We were going ...more>>

Airplane Fantasy

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She had long beautiful black hair and was impossibly young. She gave us the standard greeting as we came through the entry. I thought about Jay behind me–I was certain he had noticed her.

The plane was almost deserted. Once in flight, we flipped up the arm rest...more>>

My Snow White

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I’m not an adventurous person. Not by nature, anyway. It takes quite a bit of motivation to get me to explore outside my comfort zone. I suppose that’s what made Halloween so special. I could dress up and disguise my identity. Even act completely unlike myself and no...more>>

Spin Cycle

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Saturday afternoon means laundry time. I hated doing laundry. I hated the fact that I had to go all the way down to the basement of our building. It was cold down there, not to mention boring. There was usually no one down there when I did my laundry. This time was d...more>>

A Lesbian Bride and Cheat Story

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Shanty quietly woke me up.
“Oh, it’s you, Shanty,” I yawned.
“Yes, its me. Your dad is waiting for you,” she said.
“Oops, shit, I will be there in 5 minutes,” I said jumping out of bed.
I went into the bathroom and got into the shower after taking off my nighty.

Some Bar Honey

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“You need to get out and have some fun Sarah.” I just shrugged my shoulders. Greg was right; I did need to get out. All I’ve done for the past forever is work and come home. I haven’t had a ’significant other’ since me and Mandy broke up. I admit it; I tried to hide ...more>>

Life Saver

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I’d been waiting to hit the beach ever since I moved to Florida, but one thing or another would come up and I’d have to put it off again. Finally I got my chance. I packed my suntan lotion, towel, umbrella and a steamy book into my sand proof bag and set it by the do...more>>

An All Girl Initiation

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My name is Kathy and I’m a new pledge at Lambda Lambda Lambda sorority. It’s a very old influential sorority that is over a hundred years old. All of the Lambda’s marry very prominent men and are prized for their culture, beauty and sophistication. Joining this soror...more>>

Shannon And Britney

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As we neared my front door, I could sense his nervousness, but the alcohol in my body couldn’t have stopped me from making a move despite his obvious state. I turned towards him, moving my fingers up and down his neck, I smiled and moved my face closer to ...more>>

Star Performance

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Some days I’d wake up and not even be sure what city I was in. That’s not so unusual when you tour with a rock and roll band, but as tour manager it was my job to know. It was my job to know lots of things, the hotels, the arenas, the caterers, the VIP list, the poli...more>>

Morning Roomie

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I smacked the alarm clock hard, I didn’t remember if I set it or not. God, another early morning and cold as hell. I didn’t want to get out of my nice cozy bed. I cracked open one eye and tried to see what time it actually was before I woke up completely. I am one of...more>>

Friendly Hands

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I had just finished a week long merger. I was as stressed as I could be. My entire body ached, so when, Richard, my partner at the firm had mentioned going to the masseuse, I asked if I could tag along. I didn’t have any plans that evening and I really needed to rela...more>>

Still Best Friends

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My morning had been crazy, four new cases and I was the only one available to take them. I was beginning to think that the day was never going to end. I listened to an endless amount of griping and bickering, and that was from my colleagues. Some how I thought pro bo...more>>

Roadside Assistance

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“Are you ready to go?” I asked.

“Yeah, just lemme grab a few other things and I’ll meet you at the car.” I picked up my bags and headed for the trunk. Ahh this weekend was going be great. We were off to see some friends from college. We hadn’t found time since gr...more>>