One Night Stand sex stories

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My Night With Jenny

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My one night with Jenny was a night I never thought would happen.
We had met in an internet chat room and hit it off pretty good as friends. However the problem was that she lived on the west coast and I lived on the east coast.

We talked about music, life, the r...more>>

Better Than AAA

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“Dammit,” I thought to myself as I pulled the tire from the trunk. What else could go wrong? I couldn’t leave work as early as I had planned, so I had to be up late driving, and now, I have a flat tire. I slipped the tire iron on the first lug nut and tried to move t...more>>

Lust at First Sight

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I had been at the bar for a couple of hours now, looking over the female clientele. Mostly they were together in small groups, which have always put me off approaching them. Too many times in the past I had been sent packing by snide comments from the intended’s frie...more>>

Fast Love on the Move

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Katrina was a racy kind of girl. She loved an adventure and enjoyed living on the edge, breaking the rules… she suspected that was what lead her to London and her job as a cheap escort. She wasn’t in it for the money, but for the thrill and exciting of meeting someon...more>>

My First Threesome

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It had always been my fantasy to have a threesome, I was too shy to admit it to my boyfriends, even though people always assumed that it was every boy’s fantasy to have a threesome! Of course in my case, I wasn’t dreaming of doing it with two girls, I was dreaming of...more>>

Random Desires

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“Ms. Main, room 302.”

“Thank you sir.”

I made my way to room 302. I pushed the cleaning cart in front of me. I entered the elevator, and found the room.

I used the master key to open the door. I left the cart outside, and went inside. I went straight to the ...more>>

Strangers in the Night

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The night was unusually quiet for this city. Working as a London escort I often had late nights and was used to walking home alone, but there was something strange about tonight; no groups of drunks stumbling about as usual, no tramps mumbling as I walked past. There...more>>

Mirror Magic

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There was one thing that I’d only done a couple times before but loved doing…fuck in front of a mirror. I’ve fucked exes in front of mirrors before but they were never really into it at all. They couldn’t see how hot things are if you can focus in on the other person...more>>

Rachel Meets Mike

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Rachel was exhausted. It had been a ridiculously long day. Phones ringing. People bitching about one thing or the other. A typical day in cubicle-land.

She pushed open the door of the bar and paused while her eyes adjusted to the dark. Rachel wound her way through...more>>

Bathroom Bang

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Ever since the beggining of school I had admired Jessicas long legs and firm body. I saw her everyday and she never seemed to notice me. I would masturbate thinking of her. Then one day she tapped me on the shoulder.I turned around and she signaled me to follow her. ...more>>

Riding a Highway

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After the play. We get into the cab. He has secretly told the cabdriver to drive somewhere (however far the money will last). He slowly begins kissing my neck and his hand on my knee slowly working up my thigh. I can feel the heat from the passion and rest my hand ne...more>>

Grinding In The Sand

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I lay there on the beach soaking up the sun. The day just couldn’t get any better. I was thousands of miles from work, rush hour traffic, anyone I knew and I didn’t have a damned thing planned. As I watched the waves roll in and back out again I began to think about ...more>>

Some Bar Honey

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“You need to get out and have some fun Sarah.” I just shrugged my shoulders. Greg was right; I did need to get out. All I’ve done for the past forever is work and come home. I haven’t had a ’significant other’ since me and Mandy broke up. I admit it; I tried to hide ...more>>

That One Night in Vegas

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That One Night in Vegas

By Brindle Chase

It’s amazing what a little anonymity can stir up. I like to think everyone has one of those moments we excuse as college experimenting. Most of them don’t actually happen during college, but we all have one. Don’t we?


A Carriage Ride

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Jasmine smiled at the carriage driver as Ryan helped her in. The cool air tingled along her damp thighs as her pussy juice dripped down her leg. Sitting back she grinned at the driver as she crossed her legs flashing her bare slick pussy at him. Ryan chuckled, as he ...more>>