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Welcome Home

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Andrea waited at the gate. It had been weeks since she had seen her lover and she was not handling it well. She felt like her pussy was on fire constantly, a deep burning fire from being so horny, the bed post looked sexy late at night. She needed to feel his touch a...more>>

The Great Outdoors, Part 1

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My wife and I had talked about going camping to a well known spot up North before but we just never had the time with our hectic schedules. It was important to get away because it felt like we were losing touch with each other in our marriage. The weekdays were no go...more>>

Tee Box Tryst

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While I’d never thought of fucking on a golf course before, last weekend changed all that thanks to a smokin’ hot blonde named Annie. I was paired with my boy Steve, while his girlfriend Tina was paired with her friend Annie, whom I’d never met before. Annie was this...more>>

Mirror Magic

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There was one thing that I’d only done a couple times before but loved doing…fuck in front of a mirror. I’ve fucked exes in front of mirrors before but they were never really into it at all. They couldn’t see how hot things are if you can focus in on the other person...more>>

Lusty Busty Latina

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For most of my life, I’ve gone after blondes. Up to this point my two serious relationships were with them. Even though, I’m Latino and there have always been Latina hotties in my neighborhood, in my city, and in my workplace; funny how things work that way. This was...more>>

The Three meet for fun!!!

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My body wobbled a little. Suddenly Rob dropped to his knees and started to lick at my pussy from the front. It was unreal. I had never known anything like it. The woman took her hand away so Rob’s tongue could lick at my clit. It was getting difficult to stand. I had...more>>

That One Night in Vegas

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That One Night in Vegas

By Brindle Chase

It’s amazing what a little anonymity can stir up. I like to think everyone has one of those moments we excuse as college experimenting. Most of them don’t actually happen during college, but we all have one. Don’t we?


All Steamed Up

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Gyms had never done much for me. I would usually go there for a little bit then get bored and leave. I guess I also never got the right kind of stimulation when I was there. I didn’t have a bad body but felt it needed a little improvement to be at a level I was comfo...more>>

A Nice Little Appetizer

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“This is a nice place.” Steph said as she gazed around at the opulent decorations of the restaurant. Styled in early 1900’s art deco, the furnishings, artwork, and decorations were all authentic to that period but, they were blended with modern work as well taking aw...more>>

I hate shopping

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I hate shopping! Now don’t get me wrong …. I can walk around a super store all day long. There are so many options, but going to a store that only sells one thing, it’s tough. So I find myself in a mall, in a women’s clothing store with the love of my life so it does...more>>

A Carriage Ride

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Jasmine smiled at the carriage driver as Ryan helped her in. The cool air tingled along her damp thighs as her pussy juice dripped down her leg. Sitting back she grinned at the driver as she crossed her legs flashing her bare slick pussy at him. Ryan chuckled, as he ...more>>

Carnal Car Show

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My girlfriend Cindy and I love to try new things sexually. We have a huge amount of trust built up in our relationship so we each know what lines to cross and not cross. I didn’t think anything of her desire to park out in the sizable lot that accompanies softball an...more>>

Driver’s Seat Swallow

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My girlfriend Brooke has always had a wild streak in her. Not destructively wild, just playfully wild. From the first time we had sex, in a public bathroom, I knew she wasn’t down for anything bland, vanilla or ordinary when it came to eroticism. She said her parents...more>>

Skin Flicks

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About two weeks ago a new secretary began working in our office, and from the second I laid eyes on her I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I’d tasted her soft, sweet juices. Terri’s hair fell all the way down to her sumptuous breasts, and her moist lips always see...more>>

At The Movies

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One night, my date and I went to see a show at the local theater. Apparently, due to being a late show, during the middle of the week, there weren’t many people in the room. We sat in the back, as usual, to get the view of the picture and of the others that were wat...more>>