Sex Slave stories

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Handcuff My Desire

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One of the things I’d never have equated with my wife Linda was kinkiness. Our sex life wasn’t boring and choreographed as other relationships I’d known about were. It seemed like we did just enough to turn each other on and keep it going but other than our honeymoon...more>>

College Gangbang Fantasy

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I walked into the house a little after 8, that’s what Jack, my boyfriend had asked me to do. He had said he has a little surprise for me. HE always had a spare key to my room so I assumed he would use that to if he needed. The living room light was on and I walked in...more>>

A Very Helpful Shop

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I knew life had more to offer than what I was getting. My fantasies were all of being stripped and dominated, beaten and used by men. I responded to an ad in Informed Consent. He was looking for a slave whom he would beat and bind and who would service him, as well a...more>>

Alyssa Part III

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On the heels of Alyssa’s erotic explosion before our food arrived, we sat and had a peaceful relaxing dinner where I was true to my word. I fed her and gave her wine to drink while our waiter acted as if he couldn’t believe what he was watching. My submissive hottie ...more>>

Alyssa Part II

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The day after my second date with Alyssa I was supremely thrilled about all the possibilities in fulfilling both our fantasies. There were numerous scenarios floating in my head with one just as good as the other. I called Ally at work and laid out the evening. “Are ...more>>

Alyssa Part 1

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I am crazy about Alyssa. I met her through one of the popular dating sites and at first had no clue she was a submissive. She was definitely laid back and totally unassuming. Some might even call her shy so that should’ve been the first sign. I was instantly attracte...more>>