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Handcuff My Desire

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One of the things I’d never have equated with my wife Linda was kinkiness. Our sex life wasn’t boring and choreographed as other relationships I’d known about were. It seemed like we did just enough to turn each other on and keep it going but other than our honeymoon...more>>

Adventures In Gardening

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My husband and I have always been very proud of our house and yard. Since we were married 7 years ago and moved in here we have always maintained a impressive flower garden that is the envy of all the neighbors through lots of shared hard work. It is something we enj...more>>

A Gentle Rain

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Rob and Sherri walked along through the woods and marveled at nature. The day was over cast so the hiking trails were nearly empty. They had not seen another hiker for about an hour and they had walked into a less popular area of the park, the clay flats and foot hil...more>>

The Great Outdoors, Part 2

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In The Great Outdoors, Part 1, I detailed how my wife and I broke thru our marriage rut on a camping trip by fucking like savages outdoors. I remembered how hot she was by the sexy little outfit she wore. I couldn’t take any more so I stripped her down and pounded he...more>>

The Great Outdoors, Part 1

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My wife and I had talked about going camping to a well known spot up North before but we just never had the time with our hectic schedules. It was important to get away because it felt like we were losing touch with each other in our marriage. The weekdays were no go...more>>

A Bermuda High

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It had been a long winter and she was growing tired of the cold. She was trying hard not to be pissed at her husband for moving her to the north. Today was a particularly bad day with temps only getting into the 20’s. She came home from work that Wednesday and he was...more>>

A Lesbian Bride and Cheat Story

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Shanty quietly woke me up.
“Oh, it’s you, Shanty,” I yawned.
“Yes, its me. Your dad is waiting for you,” she said.
“Oops, shit, I will be there in 5 minutes,” I said jumping out of bed.
I went into the bathroom and got into the shower after taking off my nighty.

My Falasha Love

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My name is Etan. My mother used to say that it meant “firm and strong”. Now she tells me that it must mean “stubborn”. She was very upset when I married Chara but I believe she would have attended the wedding had my father not been so opposed. I sometimes do not unde...more>>

A Taste of White Meat

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Goes without saying that I ain’t using my man’s real name, trashy ass sportswriters would have themselves too much fun dragging his black ass over the coals for some of what I got to say and he don’t need the humiliation of the rest of what I got to say. I’m just gon...more>>

The Doorbell Rang

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Ding-dong. “Who in the world could that be this early in the morning?” Judy thought as she moved to the door. Judy’s husband had left for work about a half-hour ago and the kids had gotten on the school bus just moments before. Maybe one of them had forgotten somethi...more>>

Our Fantasy Answered

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My name is Diane. I want to share something that happened to me when my husband and I ventured into an interracial experience. I am not one of the beautiful people that are in many stories here. I am just an average looking mother and housewife. I am 50 years old and...more>>

The Three meet for fun!!!

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My body wobbled a little. Suddenly Rob dropped to his knees and started to lick at my pussy from the front. It was unreal. I had never known anything like it. The woman took her hand away so Rob’s tongue could lick at my clit. It was getting difficult to stand. I had...more>>

That One Night in Vegas

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That One Night in Vegas

By Brindle Chase

It’s amazing what a little anonymity can stir up. I like to think everyone has one of those moments we excuse as college experimenting. Most of them don’t actually happen during college, but we all have one. Don’t we?


My Wife’s First Gangbang

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When my wife was 19, we decided to have a new yrs party at our duplex and invite a few close friends. my wife(girlfriend at the time) had heard her first boyfriend from high school was in town and she thought it would be nice to see him again. she also invited 2 othe...more>>

A Mid Summer Night

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Ray slid his underwear down and let his stiff cock spring to full length. He was surprised he was able to be fully erect standing in front of a group of people he didn’t know, but he actually found it rather exciting. His wife stripped off her panties and bra and a m...more>>