Doctor’s Office Dicking

Doctor’s Office Dicking

Going to the doctor’s office can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience. You either wait to hear results on things or you’re given meds to help you when you feel completely shitty. I’ve been going to my doc now for about 5 years. I’ve seen all kinds of assistants come and go. Some were cute, some rude, and some clueless. However, that all changed when I met Melanie.

She is a busty 36C with an impressive rack especially after having two kids. Melanie definitely gives off that MILF vibe even though all I’d really seen her in was the medical scrubs she wears to work. She’d been there for a couple months time before we met. We hit it off immediately as she was very pointed in her commentary and made me crack up with some of the things she said. I relished the times she’d drop something inadvertently (or maybe not) because she’d bend over and showcase a luscious ass that begged to be fucked. I could see the outline of her panties and my cock sprang up like a fucking shot.

Her tits stuck out under her scrubs but her face was fucking awesome. A beautiful smile and sexy blonde hair down to her shoulders made up the perfect package to get buck wild and nasty with. She was in her 30s and had two young kids, whom I’d met once before. She didn’t take any shit as she kicked more than a few patients out of the office for being too mean and uncooperative for not getting their needs met. Most of these just wanted meds to continue their habit of poppin pills. This led to a vicious cycle that was hard to be extracted from.

One day I came in to get my blood drawn and she had her hair tied up which always turns me on. This was a new look for her and something that truly got me excited. I couldn’t stop looking at her cuz I was so fucking turned on. “What are you looking at? Do I have something on my face or..” “I’m just checking you out because you are simply hot as fuck. This cannot be denied.”

She blushed and said that was very sweet. It caught her off guard because it’d been a while since a patient was so complimentary too her, other than the usual “thank you”. “Come here for a sec”, as she led me into one of the empty patient rooms. “This is our latest purchase that just came in. It’s a big hydraulic chair that helps us treat people by giving them a place to relax and be comfy. I can use these pedals here to raise or lower and even move from side to side. Although, I suppose it could be used for other things too.”

She said this with a sly smile on her face which didn’t take me long to decipher what she meant. As she was standing next to me she ran her hands over the growing bulge in my pants. I returned the favor by sliding my right hand between her legs and there was already a wet spot! “God, your cock feels so good. Bet it tastes good too”, Melanie asserted. “Fits even better,” I countered. Her body shook from the chills a little as I dug my fingers deeper inside.

We heard footsteps and quickly stopped our handiwork before the doc came in and said, “Ahh I see you’re checking out our new baby. This chair does so many things and will be great to help treat our patients that need it.” Melanie and I both nodded our heads in agreement even though we were both thinking about that chair and fucking the shit out of each other while on it. The doctor didn’t leave us so we both had to keep our hands to ourselves. I said my goodbyes and would get a call in the next couple days to come in if the blood test results showed anything negative.

Two days later I got a call late afternoon from Melanie. “I’m closing up for the first time today so I’ll be here all alone. Your test results came back fine and we should celebrate. How far away are you sweetie?” I was only about 10-15 minutes away and told her I’d break every speeding law in the books to get there. I told her to be ready for a savage fucking and she responded, “Hurry the fuck up!”

When I got to the parking lot, everyone was gone except for her. She told me she’d leave the door unlocked so I could just walk right in. Once inside the lights were off but it was still light enough outside to provide enough illumination to see what was going on. “Alone at last”, Melanie said before she came through the door leading to the rest of the office.

She had her hair tied up and had put on matching eye liner and lipstick. She looked insanely hot as she came over to me with a huge smile on her face. She had on scrubs that still managed to show off her drool-inducing knockers. Without speaking, we started kissing softly while our hands surveyed each other. I then stuck my tongue out and she started sucking on it. Major league fucking hot! I grabbed her sinful ass before spanking those impressive cheeks.

I then put my hand on the back of her head and our passion made us even crazier. My hands were on her ass and her wicked rack while she stroked my cock over my pants causing a wet spot or two on the front. I was shooting warning shots now but would unleash cum jets in her pussy soon. Our tongues were wrestling fiercely as Melanie reached down to unzip my fly. I then guided her head down and she immediately took my entire cock in her eager and waiting mouth.

Her lips and tongue devoured my shaft as I had my left hand on the back of her head while the other went under her scrub top and grabbed her big tits. I rubbed her nipple with every finger and caused her again to quake a little. The sight of her head bobbing up and down got my balls working overtime as I began fucking her mouth. She wanted it all as she put her hands on my ass and forced me deeper down her mouth and throat.

When she brought her head up she took me by the hand and led me to the room with the chair. After taking off my shirt I helped her slowly remove her top and I couldn’t fucking believe what she did/didn’t have on. It was a sheer red top with no bra so I could get the full view of her impressive cans. I didn’t waste any time nibbling on her hard nipples as she murmured and moaned while I teased and played with both. I ran my hand down to her crotch and started rubbing her pussy strongly over her scrubs. She was way wetter than the other day which pleased me to no end.

Melanie stroked my cock while unbuttoning me and shoving my pants down. She took my hand and guided it under her scrub bottoms and her honeypot was dripping sweetness. We were both mega excited and any fucking we did wouldn’t last long at all. She pushed me back in the direction of the chair and I didn’t even take off my pants as I found a comfy spot. She took off her scrubs and showed off a deliciously juicy cunt that she rubbed for a little before feeding her fingers to me.

I licked every digit like she had honey all over. As I leant back on the chair she hit the pedals to adjust the height before straddling me. She then lowered herself onto me and my cock parted her slit piercing her pussy walls. Melanie wasted no time hammering my tool. Her tits were positioned right next to my face so I nibbled them like crazy. She wanted me to bite them hard so I attacked more aggressively while cupping her perfect ass and pushing her into fucking me even harder.

She kissed my head and ran her fingers through my hair in appreciation for how wet I was making her feel. Her breathing became more and more ragged as her groans and whining filled the entire office. I could feel her pussy lips rubbing against my groin and balls getting me even closer to cumming as hard as I ever have. I moved my right hand to her tailbone and fingered the outside of butthole causing even deeper gasps and stronger quivering.

My pubes were soaked by her juices as she was leaking all over my crotch. She was on fucking fire and ready to blow at any moment. I went back to grabbing and spanking her delectable ass while ravishing myself on her magnificent cannons. She was in the perfect position as every part of my prick and sac was covered by her juices. There was no doubt I was going to erupt as I felt my shaft start to twinge. I held back as long as I could before yelling out, “I’MMMMM FUCKIN CUMMMMMINNNGGGG!” With that I let go heavy blasts of jizz deep inside her. It was like my cock couldn’t stop as I continued to splash her with goo.

Once she felt me cum that triggered her vag and as I heard her voice start to get higher then break she responded with, “GODDFUCKINGSHIT CUMMINNN OOHHH GAWWDDD CUMMINGGG!” Her body was then besieged by vicious pleasure shakes that I felt throughout my flesh. The chair was truly shaking on its stanchion while we massively came. When we were able to cool down we again kissed each other like two long lost lovers while our juices drenched each other’s privates.

Melanie is so unfuckingbelievable. She wants to please me in every way. Don’t be surprised if I have another chair story for you very soon. See ya!

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