My story

My story

I am Naveen Varma resident of one of the district head quarters in Andra pradesh.I am aged about 50 plus doing business.Once when I was going to Hyderabad in a train I met with one aged person by name Satyam resident of Kavali who is traveling along with me in front of my birth.On knowing each, we discussed so many thing about politics in the State and slept at about 11.00pm. He was 60 years old and strong man. His structure is just like exercised body.

I wake up at 3.00 am for urinal purpose and saw satyam semi nude position. His cock was visible in slight light and it was very big uncut. I could not able to shift my sight from that view. I went for urinal and came immediately to see his cock. He was in the same position.

I could not able to control myself.I tried my level best to control myself but it was in vain. Slowly i raised my hand towards him and kept my hand near to his cock. I was shameless on that point.There were no thoughts except to own his cock.I kept my hand on his donkey cock and kept a while and there was no response. Immediately I took his cock into my hands and started slowly. It was wonder, it started erection. His upper skin in his cock come down and black coloured rod come outside.

I pressed his cock by all means and kneeled myself before it.I took his cock in my mouth and sucked . He wake up and tried to sit but my position not allowed him. He bent himself and adjusted himself to keep his cock fully in my mouth. Now without having any fear. I forcefully sucked it as if it was mine.He stand himself and fucked my mouth. He made cum in side my mouth and I happily swallowed it.He went for bathroom and came.

It was 3.45 am. He saw me and laughed and I too smiled. We were there on birth but not slept.At about 4.00am one person who was selling tea came on that way and I ordered 2 teas one for me and another to him. He happily took that tea and after its completion asked me where I will stay at City. I said that I took lodrge at Abids regularly.

He said that he came to city to his daughters house and gave his cell number and asked me to inform after reaching lodrge in which I stayed and promised to come to my room.At about 10.00 am I had contacted him and informed my lodrge name and room number. He said that he was coming immediately and advised me to stay at room only.He came by 11.00 am to my room. In that mean time I had completed my bath including saving of my cock and back cleanly.

I was in lungi without anything on my body.As I got drinking habit, I got one full bottle and started already.As soon as he comes into my room he shut down the doors and removed his pancha( Tamil people wear it,here in Andra also old men used) and with one hand he lifted his donkeycock and rushed to me and inserted in mouth and said suck me as you like. Since 10 years this cock not seen any bitch to fuck and today I got you.I too eagerly started sucking by removing his upper skin like his bitch.Some body knocked the doors and we came to normal position.

He was roomboy that came and I ordered him some snacks and asked satyam what he want. He asked me the brand of liquer and satisfied with it and ordered cigarettes.We waited till up to the roomboy comes.The doors were closed soon he left the room, satyam made me nude and he to became nude in my presence.He was black in colour, exercised body, huge belly below that big forest in that long semi erected lengthy cobra.

I was red in colour, normal body, small cock with out hair.He hugged me forcefully and kissed me my lips and inserted his tongue in side my mouth and sucked my tongue forcefully.

I stopped him for a while and poured liquor into two glasses and while drinking about self data.He said that up to this age he had not done any gaysex but there was immense desire towards it.He never dreamt like this opportunity in his life and said thanks to me. He said that I too not having gaysex so for but on seeing his donkey cock my inner desires come out.Second round both completed and I was pressing his cock and it was just like iron rod.

He said that he had fucked so many village ladies, granies, girls in his house only since his wife was bed ridden in those days.I never come across this type of chance to enjoy. I said that I was business man and I wont have time to think such thing in my life. He asked me how was my wife and how my family life was.

I said I got lovely wife and both were happy in sex-life.He caught my head and get mouth near to him and kissed like a madman.He asked me to pour liquor and again both have liquer.He pulled me to his cock and he himself removed his skin and kept his cock in my mouth and said bitch suck my cock. Today I will open my ass-lips fully and it cannot be forgettable in my life.He fucked in my mouth and asked me to bind before his cock.

As he ordered I bind myself showing my asshole to his cock. He applied his slit on it and rubbed his cock to my asshole. It was so pleasant for me.Lanja! you got very good ass fucker now. You have to come to me along with your wife to get fucked.By saying this he kept his donky dick in my asshole.

Slowly he inserted it and pushed it at a time and whole lund landed in my tummy.I could not able to talk because It seems his cock was upto my chest.He kept like that for a while and turned my head towards him and kissed me forcefully.I was feeling heavenly movements and I cant stopped my friend from doing.He fucked me like a dog for long time and stopped for two minutes. I said uncle fuck me. Now onwards I will be your keep.

He fuck and enjoy and made me enjoy.I said stay in my place and I will look after every thing encludung I place my wife before you to fuck. On hearing this he fucked forcefully and cummed inside in my ass and get back his cock and pressed in my mouth for sucking.

Happily I sucked his cock and tasted his cum and my inner liquid.We slept for a while and again he placed his legs on me and pulled me to his chest and pressed me like his wife and kissed me.I too enjoy his deeds and I cooperated to my boyfriend. Both went for bath room and cleaned our inner parts. I said to him dear if you allow me I want to clean your forest and make mine cock clean to suck freely. He said ok.

I cleaned his forest and both had bath there by hugging, sucking and again fucking there. Afternoon we had lunch and slept upto 5pm.We wake up and washed faces and went outside.I presented one cell to him and said you should not forget me. He promised not to forget me.

He said he will go now and come tomorrow morning and his daughter will be waiting for me.I said ok and I came room alone. After one hour some body knocked the door. I opened the door. I saw a oldman aged 50 said that he came for satyam. I said that just now he went away. But he said that satyam himself phoned him and said to go to my room to give company to me at night. I allowed him inside and shut down the doors.

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