Sex Texts and Pictures

Sex Texts and Pictures

A few months back I was at home bored and surfing the net and I came across an online dating site, I had seen advertised on TV. Just for giggles I signed up and posted a picture of myself, I have long curly red hair, long legs and big 40DD tits. I had never been a member of an internet dating site and really had no expectations. Almost immediately I start getting messages from dozens of men. I have to admit it was kind of flattering even if you consider the “new meet” effect, it boosted my ego. So I’m browsing through these men’s profiles and they mostly have preset messages like, “so and so has noticed your profile and is interested” or ” so and so has sent a chat invitation” mainly things like that. As I was looking the site started beeping and a message scrolled across saying I had email. Like I said I have never done this before so I hit the email icon. There were several messages but these were personal like ,”hi how r u”, “I like ur pic” and so forth. Then one came up that said “YOU R HOT text me” and he gave his number. Naturally I looked up the senders profile and his pic was not that big and a little blurry but from all I could tell he was very tall, with wide shoulders, and huge arms, and a good face not too pretty, all big turn ons for me. Best of all he was local, just in case…. I’ll keep his profile name to myself because, I may not have mentioned, this is a true story.

Well, I thought it can‘t hurt to text this guy , more personal yet still anonymous, so I text him and introduced myself, he text back “hi” and he introduced himself (we’ll call him Jimmy). He then asked me to send him more pics. I told him I didn’t have more pics nor did I have a camera phone to take any. He was okay with that and we text some more.. just a pretty normal boring conversation. So, I thought this is internet dating no wonder I’ve never done it before.

A few weeks later I was at work and Jimmy sends me a text “hi how r u?” It took me a minute to realize who he was, but I responded with a like message. Once again Jimmy asks me to send him a pic. I explain again my inability to send him any, and again he was okay with this and we text some more. Pretty lame stuff really. Well this exact same scenario happens about every 3 weeks for about 6 months.

So last Wednesday I get a text from Jimmy. Same ole stuff. Then of course he asks for a pic. This time I tell him I have recently gotten a new phone so I send him a pic the whole time teasing him that he wants the pic to see if I’m cute enough to keep my number. Of course like any man he denies it. I’m at work waiting for a reply and 10 min go by 20 min go. Now I’m starting to get anxious. Hell maybe he doesn’t think I’m cute enough to talk too any more. So I send over “Well……. I guess I’m not worth texting anymore” Jimmy sends back “I’m sorry.. I just got back from eating dinner.. and no I think u r definitely worth talking too”. So I text back “no fair now you’ve made me hungry” he texts back “So. I’m horny… lol”. I have never met him face to face or even heard his voice and quite frankly never planned to, so I thought, okay this could be fun and since I had no intentions of meeting him it was harmless I’ll play along. I text him back “hmmm your horny and I am hungry lets make a deal .. lol”. I don’t know if I caught him off guard but he didn’t respond right back so I went to lunch, and really wasn’t thinking much of it.

When I returned from lunch about 20 min later I had 2 more texts form Jimmy. The first read “oh see now you’ve made me hungry again… For your pussy”. Really, how did we jump all the way from “horny lol” to “hungry for your pussy“. I have to admit that this kind of banter is a turn on for me. Something about typing and reading dirty words is naughty, but, I would never admit it too anyone, I thought I was just weird. It was: however, becoming increasingly hot with this guy. I had never even heard his voice. So I read the next text “did you get me hard and chicken out”. Oh ho, was that a challenge? I’m always up for a challenge. I reply “ No I didn’t leave you hanging.. I just ate lunch I am no longer hungry but you re making me a little horny with all this talk of my pussy”. So there, I’ll show him I’m not scared. He then texts back “Just a little horny? How about I lick your cunt and put a couple of fingers in your ass and stroke both until you gush cum all over my face”. I was flabbergasted, this conversation went straight from PG13 to XXX in a very short time. Much to my surprise I actually started to get a little wet so I told him “only if you let me suck your cock while u rim my ass with your tongue and stick a couple of fingers in my pussy”. Wow did I type that. I couldn’t wait to read what he would send back and I wasn’t disappointed with “That’s Fuckin Hot…”. Those three little words were like turning on a faucet. I thought this was a game. I then realized exactly how turned on I really was. Before I could reply he sends back another text, ” I wish I could feel you slide all over my tool”. I was literally sitting at my desk, in a puddle of my own juices with all my colleagues around and talking on the phone to customers. I started breathing heavy my face was flushed with desire and just a little bit of self-consciousness. Even if I had wanted to quit at this point I don’t think I could have. I replied “ Your making me so wet my clit is throbbing,
R U stroking your cock?”. I was in shock with myself for sending this but honestly I’ve never been so aroused in my life. Jimmy sends back very simply, “oh God yes… I wish my hand was your cunt… mmmmmmm yea..”. I was on a mission now so I text him back, ”my pussy is sopping wet.. and since I don’t wear panties I’ve soaked through my pants on to my chair”. I was still talking to a customer on the phone and I couldn’t keep my train of thought, she was getting mad at me because I kept putting her on hold and asking her to repeat herself, but all I could think of was the next text and how hot I was getting. When my phone went off with Jimmy’s reply I almost erased it before I could read it because I was fumbling the cell phone buttons. When I read “WOW WOW you are one sexy bitch, I want to fuck you sooooooooo bad.. You dirty fuckin slut” I almost moaned out loud right there at my desk, no one had ever called me a dirty slut. I had to have more. I had no more choice so I put my cell down and concentrated as best as I could even though my whole cunt was pulsating and I sounded like I had just run a mile, I finally managed to get my customer off the phone with refund promises or God knows what. Meanwhile I have 3 new texts from Jimmy. I log out of my work phone, tell my work buddies I’m going on break and jump up out of my chair hoping no one notices the wet spot. I wait till I get on the elevator to go downstairs to read Jimmy’s text “ Please let me fuck you” then “I want to taste your pussy juice all over my face” and finally “Damn baby my dick is like a rock what r u doing to me your so fucking HOT please I need more” with every word I read I’m going wild. “I’m going to the down stairs lady’s room to rub my clit I have to cum it hurts” I text him, which of course is exactly what I intend to do. I’m going to the downstairs bathroom because its rarely used and I need privacy. I walk in and go straight to last stall, and as luck would have it someone walks in to the bathroom, I almost cried. So I dropped my pants and panties to my ankles and sat down on the toilet intending to wait until she leaves. I get my cell phone back out and start reading more of Jimmy’s text. I only thought I was horny till I read “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE baby you have to send me a pic” then 2 more just like it begging for a pic of my dripping pussy. I immediately text back “no way no pics”, But the thought of texting a pic of my cunt to a virtual stranger sent me to new heights, I was determined to stick to my guns and refuse the pic and of course the other lady in the bath room was taking her sweet time. Then Jimmy text “can I call u and listen, I promise I won’t say any thing”. My mind just stopped, I could her the other woman washing her hands so I knew she was about to leave and before I could reply my phone rang. I was stunned. It rang again and I didn’t know what I should do. In my wildest dreams I had never even fantasized about this. It rang again. My legs where shaking and my hands where shaking my pussy needed release so bad it hurt. It rang again. I answered. I laid the phone in the cradle my panties made and in the silent echoing acoustics of the bathroom I could here Jimmy’s heavy breathing, it was almost panting. I touched my clit and started rubbing like I was scrubbing off a stain. My little clit was sooo hard and sooo slick I was drenched down my thighs and I could feel it dripping down my ass crack and even hear it drip in the water of the toilet. I stroked hard and fast it sounded like thirsty dogs lapping at a bowl of water. I started to moan, loudly, the fact that I could get caught at work and that I knew Jimmy could hear me just made it that much more erotic. My hand action was causing my sweater to rub across my tits and the friction on my nipples and the friction I was causing on my pussy was making me mindless. Above all this I could still hear Jimmy’s deep course breathing. It couldn’t have been a whole minute and I started to feel the tension of a climax that promised to be one of the best in my life. I was only seconds away, and then I hear a long, deep, soft, half moan, half grunt coming from my phone. When the sound of Jimmy cumming reached my ears, my hips started to buck all on there own and I came like I have never came before in my life, my body was convulsing and I started to squirt cum half way across the stall. Once , twice, three times. The phone was knocked to the floor, I was slouched on the toilet breathing heavy and almost crying from the release, my left hand was holding onto the rail for support and my right hand was limp and drenched to the wrist, dripping cum on the floor.

I took me longer to recuperate from that enormous climax than it did to reach it. As I came back to my senses I realized I was still at work and needed to get back to my desk. I used almost a half roll of toilet paper cleaning my hand, thighs, ass and oh yea my cunt. Still sitting on the toilet with my pants down I picked my phone and noticed I had came on it too, so I took more toilet paper to wipe it off and as I was cleaning the keys I accidentally pressed the camera button. I was looking at the phone trying to remember how to turn off the camera, the phone was new and quite frankly my mind wasn’t working right yet, then I remember Jimmy begging me to send him a pic. As that thought entered my head the most unbelievable thing happened. My pussy started to tingle again. So I thought, I just let Jimmy, a stranger, listen to me while I masturbated at work, why not? I leaned back and with the fingers of my right hand spread my pussy lips and with my left hand tried to angle the camera just right to get a pic of my whole pussy. It took my about 3 or 4 tries to get it just right so in the pic he would be able to see my clit, lips and my asshole. Each time I hit the take button on the phone and heard the click my cunt started to get a little wetter so by the time I got it just right I was wet and throbbing again. So I leaned back and started all over again. It wasn’t so urgent this time so hard and slow I rubbed my clit up and down till I had 3 more toe curling orgasms that wracked my whole body. Just one right after another…they weren’t as hard as the first but each one was deep and just pulsated through my whole body. Just for fun I took the camera down there one more time to see if I could get a better pic . I hit the button and the pulled my phone out from between my legs to see the pic and there before me was my pretty pink and swollen cunt just full of creamy white cum dripping from my fuckhole and pooling right at my tight little asshole.

I needed to get back to my desk I still had an hour left till I got off at 11:30 pm so I really had to calm down and get back, I can’t afford to get fired for 20 minute “bathroom breaks”.

Next time I write, I’ll tell you all about Jimmy’s reaction when he got my picture text and how we finally hooked up three hours later.

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