Tee Box Tryst

Tee Box Tryst

While I’d never thought of fucking on a golf course before, last weekend changed all that thanks to a smokin’ hot blonde named Annie. I was paired with my boy Steve, while his girlfriend Tina was paired with her friend Annie, whom I’d never met before. Annie was this mega babe with a beautiful smile, stacked 36Cs and an ass that just wouldn’t quit. She was wearing a visor and a ponytail while her short skirt showed off her luscious legs. Her golf top couldn’t conceal her mouthwatering tits as they jutted out prominently.

I was transfixed by her model’s smile as I know she caught me looking a couple times and I blushed each time while she smiled and winked. We were paired up as teams with Steve and Tina vs. me and Annie. I was an ok golfer while Steve was definitely more experienced and skilled than me. On the other hand, much to my surprise Annie was very good while Tina was so-so.

Through the first couple holes I was truly worse than normal. I’ll admit I was distracted by Annie’s gorgeousness. I was already fantasizing about fucking her from behind, grabbing onto her delicious melons while ramming her juicy slit hard. After about the 5th hole, we were down by five strokes already. After missing an easy putt on that hole, Annie came over and whispered in my ear, “Relax babe. I know you like what you see and so do I. Start playing better and you’ll get to see it all and do whatever you want.” Annie then gave me a kiss on the cheek for luck as Steve and Tina were giggling and no doubt talking about how quickly Annie took a liking to me.

After the front nine, we closed the gap a little. We were only down by three as I played better, Annie was solid and Steve missed a couple of gimmes that he’d usually make even with his eyes closed. Annie and I knew how Steve was not exactly the best winner and loser so after every fuckup of his we high-fived to see how much it’d throw him off his game. In the meantime when Steve and Tina were conferring Annie would blow me kisses and run her hands over her juicy jugs. She’d rub the nipple area and her nubs were now rock hard and begging to be suckled and nibbled. I would rub myself over my slacks and she could see how hard I was getting as my cock raged against my thigh. Annie then bit her upper lip anxiously awaiting my knob wherever I wanted.

By the 15th hole we were only down by one as I was virtually matching Steve shot for shot playing way above my head. Tina was surprisingly keeping up with Annie except for a couple of missed shots. On the 15th I needed to make a 40-footer which would be the longest putt I’d ever made. For the first time ever though, I felt hugely confident that I’d make it. When I looked over at Annie she smiled and winked, but this time ran her tongue over every part of her soft lips. This was all the inspiration I needed as my shot was straight and DOWN! “HOLY SHIT”, I yelled out as Annie came over to me with her cans bouncing and nipples hard, and started a mind-blowing French kiss that had my cock aching to be freed. Steve and Tina both checked us out wondering what the fuck was going on and how we could be into each other that quick.

The last three holes were tense even though this was supposed to be a friendly game with only a dinner riding on the outcome. We now matched each other pretty much shot for shot as there were no slip ups until the final hole. It was on me again as this time I had another 40-footer to make but this time for the win. As I was lining up the putt Annie came over and again whispered in my ear, “Remember baby, you’ll see it all and we’ll do it all.” I had a huge smile on my face as I went back to make sure of my line. I didn’t even take a practice swing like normal I just went for it and stung it on first contact. I hoped I’d read the right break to the left and sure enough the ball came back and back and back and DOWN! GAME OVER!

Annie and I both jumped for joy as we were so excited. Steve and Tina although very impressed gave us both the finger as a big “FUCK YOU, you lucky bastards!” They smiled as they were doing it and took the loss in stride. They weren’t so butt-hurt as they could’ve been because if they were gonna lose to me making 2 40-footers they could live with it. As Annie was putting her clubs back in her bag, Steve and Tina came over to me and asked, “What was Annie telling you before you made those putts?” “Well she was just telling me to visualize my ball going straight in the hole and to make sure my shot was hard enough to get there.”

As Steve and Tina were going back into the club house for a shower before dinner, Annie said she wanted to hang back a little and find out how I hit those two fantastic putts. It was getting fairly dark now as everybody had left the course and gone inside. Instead, Annie took me by the hand and led me to the nearest tee box which was shielded from the view in the clubhouse. I placed both hands on the sides of her head and kissed her passionately as she returned my desire. Our hands then roamed all over each other’s bodies making sure not to miss a thing.

I helped Annie slowly lift up her top and encased in a scorching white see-through bra was an angelic pair of knockers that begged to be played with. I undid the back and unveiled the most perfect tits I’d ever seen. Simply PERFECT! I nibbled on her nipples as she hissed and moaned urging me to bite harder. I ran my right hand down her bod and noticed her panties were fucking soaked. I rubbed steadily as she hissed and her breathing became staggered. After a minute or so she uttered, “I need you in my mouth baby. Let me taste it, please?”

I got upright while she undid my belt and lowered my slacks. My cock surged through the pee hole in my boxers and she teased it a little. She rubbed it along her cheeks and chin and even stroked it as precum came out the tip. She licked that off then slid her lips and mouth onto my beef that had my whole body tingling. Her tongue and lips were like a skilled painter using a canvas to do whatever she wanted. I held onto the back of her head as I fucked her mouth. Her muffled moans did nothing to conceal how burning hot and wet she was.

I knew I needed to fuck her now so I laid her on the grass and slid up her skirt revealing a pussy that was dripping with her sweet juices. I first got down and tongued every bit as her body began to squirm while she also squealed in delight. She shoved my face into her peach and I stuck my tongue in as far as it could while tasting every bit of her sweetness. “FUCK ME NOW baby! Don’t tease me don’t make me wait. I nee…I want you”, Annie urged. I slid my raging rod in as we both gasped and uttered, “Ooooohhhhhhhh”.

Both her legs were nearly above her head instantly as my dick felt like it was parting warm butter. Her pussy coated my shaft with incredible amounts of creamy lube. We looked into each other’s eyes and growled in pleasure as my pumps got stronger. Our flesh slapped together steady as my balls were getting close to that special twinge.

Annie said, “Don’t cum yet baby. Let me ride for a little”. We switched places and the sight was h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y. Her tits bounced together while she was thrusting fiercely into me. I held onto her thighs to give her even more force and causing my balls to churn into overtime. I grabbed onto her tits hard which she loved as sweat appeared on her forehead and between her jugs. She leant forward for a bit as I nibbled on her nipples while spanking that phat ass of hers. This was a dream come true as a blonde stunner was banging the fuck out of me with no end in sight.

Well, the end came sooner than later, as I told her I was ready to explode. She got off my dick and immediately clamped down on my peter with her lips and tongue. She furiously sucked me until seconds later when I yelled out and erupted deep down her throat. She eagerly swallowed every bit of protein as my body went through massive convulsions. Every suck and lick kept them coming before finally ceasing. Her head didn’t move as she drained and siphoned every last bit from my dong.

She got up and said, “Thank you baby.” I did the same as we got up our things and went hand in hand back to the clubhouse. Steve and Tina, already showered and dressed, met us at the door with smiles on their faces wondering what the hell went on. We told them it was a secret strategy for next time on how to put the ball in the hole while improving your strokes. They thought we were full of shit but what did we care. We both got what we wanted.

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