The Great Outdoors, Part 1

The Great Outdoors, Part 1

My wife and I had talked about going camping to a well known spot up North before but we just never had the time with our hectic schedules. It was important to get away because it felt like we were losing touch with each other in our marriage. The weekdays were no good because we were always tired. The weekends were sometimes just as busy as the weekdays. She manages a successful restaurant within the city while I’m a CPA. As you can see we constantly have our hands full with clients or issues from everyday situations.

I told my wife Gina that we had to set aside time to be together because it was important to find ways to stay together and making each bit of time count. Especially, since we were planning to start a family within a year. We’d need to get most of our adventurous times out of our system before sobering reality set in and rugrats get our attention 24/7.

Gina agreed and made it a point to get all the information and supplies we’d need. She went to a national sporting goods chain in our city to pick up the tent, an outdoor stove, the right clothing and enough food to last us. We both set aside a full week of time off so we could rev our union back up as much as possible. I’m happy that we both decided how imperative this was and to do something about it without waiting any longer.

This time of year was unseasonably warm, even up at this favorite camping spot. However, since we were going off season, there wouldn’t be as much hassle as could be. It was about a 4-hour drive before we landed at our destination as Gina and I gave each other a little kiss sharing happiness that we were doing this together and that we wanted to be there. Gina was wearing a baseball cap with a ponytail through the back.

It’d been a long time since I’d seen her this way and it was refreshingly sexy. “What are you staring at”, she asked. “I just can’t take my eyes off you, hon” This made her smile and even blush a little. This reminded me of how she reacted when we first started going out. It affected me then and still does to this day. We got to our spot which was a hugely shady wooded area which helped block out the direct sunlight from our campsite.

We took the tent out from the back out of our Tahoe as well as the other essentials we brought. Gina had set certain things near a tree and it was then that I focused on her wearing some jean shorts she hadn’t brought out in a while. They were cutoffs and reminded me of hot she was and still is. She was also wearing an old shirt of hers that she’d altered into a shorter top that showed off her sexy stomach.

This trip was working its wonders already as my cock got rock hard as quick as ever and I was going to fire the first salvo in this vacation. Gina had her right arm out and her hand was resting against the tree when I quietly came up behind her. I started by running my hands up inside her legs. She was startled at first. “What are you do…”, she asked. “Shhh, just relax baby”, I responded.

The finger became a hand as I got to her thigh. Her head fell back and her eyes closed as she enjoyed the moment. When my hands got to her shorts my right hand cupped her pussy and started rubbing. My left hand went around and caressed her stomach before going up to feel her perky 34Bs through her top. Her body shifted and twisted as her moans got deeper and more audible. She undid the knot in her top to free up her tits which I know cupped and grabbed while rubbing my crotch against her shorts. I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear causing chills to overtake her entire body.

I undid the button on her shorts while she reached back to rub my rigid dick aching to fuck. I unzipped her then slid them down before spreading her ass cheeks and tasting her slit. My nose was teasing her butthole while I savored every part of her rosebud. Gina reached back and pushed my head deeper inside as my tongue feasted on her now dripping wet slot. I undid my pants and stroked my cock to keep it rock hard and ready to nail my hot as fuck wife.

Gina stopped her sounds of ecstasy long enough to tell me to reach into the bag nearest the tree. When I looked inside she’d packed a container of Vaseline. I knew EXACTLY what this meant. I liberally applied gobs of it all over my shaft and head while also inserting a finger and teasing/greasing her tight ass. Gina turned to look at me biting her lower lip as I now played with both her butthole and her pink. “Stick it baby! Slam it! I can’t wait! Please?”

I couldn’t take it any more as I slowly slid my prick inside her snug little ass. It’d been awhile since we’d gotten this nasty but I felt a fuckin rush of adrenalin as I started off steady for a lil’ bit. “Harder…NOW”, Gina ordered as I picked up the pace. I grabbed onto both hips and shoved my shaft deeper inside with every strong thrust. I could hear the popping of my groin against her ass and our skins slapping together.

I wanted to dominate Gina like never before so I took off her hat and flung it somewhere behind me. I grabbed onto her ponytail before blurting out, “C’mon you fuckin bitch take it you fucking whore! Take it like the fucking slut whore you are you fucking cunt!” I’d never said anything like this in my life but Gina ate it up. In fact she chimed in with dirty talk that I’d never ever heard her state before. “More baby, more yes I’m your fucking whore yes I’m your private whore! Fuck me baby god I need it so bad. Pound my tight little asshole. Please baby please! Yank my fucking hair!”

We were only at the campsite for about 15-20 minutes and already this camping trip was a huge success. All the pent up sexual frustration we’d had was boiling over now with a slew of nasty talk and ass fucking that was insanely hot and so crucial to keeping the spice in our relationship. I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer as I grabbed onto her tits and decided I’d nail her till I came this way.

Our voices started getting louder and higher as both our bodies were ready to explode with epic results. Gina never came while I fucked her ass before but this time was completely different as I heard her cry out she was cumming and she squirted all over my legs and hers. She was like a running faucet that wouldn’t quit. Her body went through wave after wave of climax and she shook like she was going through a massive earthquake.

These gyrations were too much to bear and I blasted load after load inside her vise-like asshole. Her muscles were strangling my cock and draining all the splooge inside. We were finally two wild sexual beasts again, something that was truly missing from our union. I’ll tell you more fun and nasty things we did in my next story.

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