The Great Outdoors, Part 2

The Great Outdoors, Part 2

In The Great Outdoors, Part 1, I detailed how my wife and I broke thru our marriage rut on a camping trip by fucking like savages outdoors. I remembered how hot she was by the sexy little outfit she wore. I couldn’t take any more so I stripped her down and pounded her tight little ass, treating her like a fucking whore. She loved every minute and hopefully it kick started our erotic spontaneity. This trip has already paid off.

That next morning, she got up before me and went outside to get a soak of the fresh mountain air. Since it was a little cold she kept the sleeping bag zipped up. I was sleeping like a baby after yesterday’s impromptu XXX porn scene that brought me and her closer together. When she came back into the tent she kissed me on the top of the head while slowly unzipping the bag.

I wore boxers under my sweats and a thermal top to help deal with a climate that is definitely foreign to me. As I was revisiting yesterday’s fun in my dreams, my wife Gina was basically my fuck toy to do whatever I wanted. There were certain things she won’t do anymore because she’d lost interest. Even though, she wasn’t too psyched about anal for a long time she eagerly gave it up to me yesterday; never say never.

I was sleeping on my back like normal when she started undoing the drawstring on my sweats. I was in semi-wood while Gina pulled them down far enough so she could have her favorite piece of beef. She started kissing my thighs and even nibbled on my inner spot which she knows drives me fuckin nuts. While nibbling, she began licking my shaft and gobbling my balls a little.

This woke me up but I didn’t want Gina to know so I barely opened my eyes and could make out a little of what she was doing. My cock was now growing because of being stimulated from two spots. She stopped playing with my balls and now concentrated on my rod which was fully erect and waiting for more. She positioned herself to where she was looking at me while swallowing my prick. She took the added step of rubbing my thighs while ingesting my dick.

The feeling of her lips and tongue running along my shaft is utterly priceless. I had the urge to grab the sides of her head and steadily pump her mouth but I held off keeping her thinking I was still snoozing. Rubbing my thighs on top of all else made my body quake a little and I know she tasted a little pre-cum from my head. By now she would’ve spit it out but this time she drank straight from the spigot as more came out. She was draining my cock like she was immensely thirsty from walking the desert.

I could next feel her hands alternate over every area of my body. She kept one hand on my thigh while the other would be on my stomach or chest. She’d stop to play and pinch my sensitive nipples which caused even more leakage for her to siphon. This was becoming inhumanly hard to keep from feigning not waking up. While one hand roamed over my flesh, the other cupped my balls. This was driving me fucking crazy. She was stimulating three different places at once and I couldn’t stand it anymore so I grabbed the back of her head and gently fucked her sweet mouth.

She was gently moaning as I thrust into her. I hissed and groaned as her mouth attacked every piece of cock and balls she could get. I had my hands now on the sides of her head for somewhat greater force. She was playing with my nipples under my thermal top that was bringing me closer to the brink. She was down there long enough to where I could feel the perspiration on her head and neck. She was looking up at me the whole time smiling happily while her mouth and lips were filled with my throbbing meat.

My body began to twist and turn as intense pleasure waves began to surface. I noticed that Gina was only using her left hand on my prick while sucking steadily. She shifted her body to the side far enough to where she had her right hand under her shorts and panties fingering intensely and hoping to cum quickly. Gina was close enough to where I pulled down her undies just enough to see the wetness saturate her bald snatch.

Her pussy was dripping wet as every digit on our hands was covered in female cream. “God baby, you’re gonna make me fuckin’ cum”, Gina blurted out as the pace of her fingers and mine quickened. She momentarily stopped munching on my bone long enough to enjoy the rapture she was undergoing. I focused on her as we relentlessly shoved and plunged our hands deep into her dripping wet slit.

“Ohhh fuck baby, I’m sooo close, god make me cum baby, please”, Gina was now begging to have a massive orgasm. She took her right hand out and eagerly licked every digit clean while I was at a feverish pace to get her to explode. Her head was turning from side to side and her body contorting in different positions readying for a mammoth climax. She tilted her head back and put the force of both hands on mine driving me to get her to explode.

Even though my cock hadn’t been played with for a little it was still rigid as ever as I was fully excited by this show of ultimate pleasure. Seconds later, Gina yelled, “That’s it bayybee…cumm..ohhh Goodddddd cumminggggg..ohhh Godddd.” Gina let loose with a torrent of her juices as she squirted all over the tent, our hands, the sleeping bag, etc. She left nothing dry as her body was exploding with fierce squirts that left her body overcome by orgasm.

Her legs were continually shaking at the strength of this cum quake. She whined, “Can’t stop…can’t sto…goodddddd I can’t bayyybeee!” Her body persisted with climactic waves as my hand kept going nonstop. “Ohhh baby…please more…please” Gina again begged although this time she was becoming too sensitive and needed a rest. Needless to say my rock was still solid throughout this as she lied back panting and somewhat breathless.

Despite needing a little respite, Gina felt around before resuming her grip on my cock and stroking with more and more vigor. Once she was ready, she hungrily feasted on my pole that was once again close to erupting. “Come on, baby, cum for me I want it in my mouth, baby. Please give me your cum, now baby”, Gina urged me on while I could feel that familiar twinge in my sac.

Gina now repositioned herself looking up at me while rubbing my thighs. She sucked and stroked aggressively as she had to have my load in her waiting mouth. One last tonguing of my shaft was all it took and I held out as long as possible before blasting my jizz. “Godddammit Gina! Are you ready…ohh Godd I’m cumming take my fucking load…take it fucking bitch!” After this, blazing jets of spunk splashed into every part of her tongue and mouth.

Gina again drained my dong of protein as she sucked strong needing to swallow every drop she could. My body was still shaking and shivering as goose pimples appeared everywhere. Gina maintained drinking as my violent thrusts gradually ceased. It also got to a point where my schlong was too sensitive and needed a time out. Gina took every bit off her lips and cheek with her fingers as she was determined to get every last taste she could.

Yet another powerful explosion at the beginning of day two as we fell back asleep not knowing but awaiting our next mini-porno. Stay tuned for the third and final story of the camping trip that changed our lives for the better.

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