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Your Birthday Threesome

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You pulled against your bonds, but they held you tight. You knew they would, you wanted them too, but the game must be played out to it’s fullest. The saran wrap circled your body holding you motionless, the only skin free was your breasts and a small hole just below...more>>

Pearl in Dildoland

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Pearl wriggled her bare bottom uncomfortably on the hard wooden bench as it rocked and jolted beneath her. Chained by the ankles to the base of the bench, and by the wrists to a wooden rail in front of her; dampened by her own sweat, as well as by the splashes of wat...more>>

A Matter Of Trust

Viewed: 1937
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He held her hand as they entered the small confines. Their fingers entwined as they rode the empty elevator up to the room. His eyes were on the door as she watched the numbers climb. No words were spoken. No words were needed. She took a quick glance at his face and...more>>

In The Mens Room

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It was a typical boring Monday morning. The weekend had come and gone and here I was back at the “old grind”. My in-basket was piled high with memos and junk mail to sort through. I went down to the lounge to get my morning coffee and on my way back I thought I would...more>>


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The temperature was at least 100 degrees that day and everyone was hot. Jane was especially hot because she was dressed in a blouse, skirt, and stockings. She carried a leather brief case and headed for work. She lived alone and slept alone. When I say alone, I mean ...more>>

At The Drive Up Window

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I love sex in every way, shape, and form. But what I really dig best is getting laid or sucked off when there’s a chance of getting caught or being seen. That’s when my dick is at its hardest and my load is at its sweetest.

I’m an assistance manager at a local ban...more>>

Transferring Assets

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Brian Doyle walked into the bank at 11:15. He saw that the tellers were busy, but the cute young black girl at the customer service desk looked bored. He sat in front of her, smiled, and said, “I’d like to transfer some money between accounts.”

She looked up and s...more>>

Late Night Security Call

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The phone rang at the security desk. Bill put down his newspaper and looked at the clock. It was 8:10; everyone should have been gone by now. He picked up a pencil to log the call, then answered the phone. “Security desk, Bill speaking.”

“Hi Bill.” The woman’s voi...more>>

How Clean

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I started this job at the beginning of summer. I admit I only got the job so I could be near the beach all day and wear those tight little uniforms. Ok so maybe not the last bit. I’m a housekeeper for one of the many condos that line Perdido Beach. My family says I’m...more>>

Off to the Library

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My office had gotten a little dim, I noticed, and it was the first hint that my workday was almost over. I ran my eyes along the next proofing document, not really reading it, more so sizing it up. I was debating whether to call that one the last for the day, or th...more>>

Early One Morning

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They had been working on the system for twenty-one straight hours now. It was finally up and running; their client, a large banking law firm, wanted the in-house system plugged into a banking information network and a huge legal database. The conversion had taken ove...more>>

Bicycle Repairs

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It was the summer of 1989 and I was working down at the beach in a bicycle repair shop. On the other side of the shop was a small office with a table that was used as a rental shop. Around 5pm, two great looking girls came in a wanted to rent bikes for the week. I im...more>>

Executive Interview

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I had just about given up hope, but this day would change my life for ever. It was my last interview for a great job, and I was nervous as hell to begin with. I entered into the office of a big corporation and was greeted by the receptionist who led me into another p...more>>

Allison’s Fantasy

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This is a day Ive dreamt of. For months, I’ve watched Allison as she worked from her desk. I’ve watched her as her ass moved in those business skirts and slacks. I’ve watched every curve of her body. How her breasts stuck out from the tight sweaters and blouses she w...more>>

Museum Romp

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As I followed her through the museum I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was absolutely gorgeous. She could easily been a part of the museum and no one would think twice. We entered the ‘racy’ section of the museum. There have been several attempts to close it down...more>>